Never stops running

Hi there,

In such a dark day,  I’m really happy to introduce you my November project. Last month I shared anecdotes of my trip to South-Eastern Asia and since it looks like you’ve liked it, I wanted to try something new. Sharing inspiration is the highlight. By these words, I mean that three of the persons I care the most about accepted to experience the co-writing: Albane, one of my sisters, Sara and Alex, my two Madrid flatmates. As you know, inspiration means a lot to me, and Madrid taught me that sharing is one of the most positive thing in life. From this statement, I wanted to give space to people I love, to let their mind express themselves.
I really believe that together, we can make the world better. I mean, not only the four of us but all together. I hope you’ll like it. I’ll start first, with a short novel.

“Never stops running” kept saying this strong voice in my head. It resonated on my veins and I could hear it when I was breathing. I couldn’t even hear the forest noises anymore. It felt like I was running against my shadow. I stopped behind a tree, breathless. Silence. I looked around and saw a little girl walking, trying to catch some invisible butterflies. Her insouciance instinctively calmed me. She was wearing a pink raincoat, way to long for her, but she still looked graceful. What was she doing alone in these woods? I tried to get closer to see her face. She was older that I first thought and she wasn’t crazy but trying to catch flakes, coming from only God knows. A branch broke under my feet and she jumped, dragged away from her thoughts. She looked straight into my eyes and I noticed blue eyes like I had never seen before. Freezing but hypnotising at the same time. We both stayed motionless, staring at each other without knowing what to do. It looked like she was saying something so I tried to understand. “Sara, she was saying, my name is Sara.” And she suddenly ran away. What was I supposed to do? I was completely lost and these woods were troubling so I decided to follow her. “Never stops running. We’re getting closer” started again the voice. This time it clearly had the voice of a woman I knew, but I couldn’t identify whom exactly. Sara suddenly disappeared behind a hill. When I got on the top of it, I couldn’t see her anymore. However, the landscape I was facing was a huge prairie and I should see her. I noticed a hole on the other side of the hill, which looked like an entrance to some cave. I was scared but decided to enter though, as I hadn’t nothing better to do and someone was still running after me. I got in and I realized this was the place where I was supposed to be. It actually seemed like a parallel world: so close to everyone, but anyone could see it… Someone was waiting for me on the other side of the tunnel. Albane. “I wasn’t waiting for you that soon” told me her voice in my head. How can you penetrate my thoughts this way? I was thinking. But as I got closer to her, any fear went away and I felt shivers on my whole body as I knew we would be reunited again. She showed me her world, it was wonderful. Inspired, pure, colourful and true. People gets what they deserve, I thought. I know this is not always verified, but in such a situation it couldn’t be more true. So many questions were gushing out in my mind, why was she here? Why wasn’t I aware about this place? And actually, what was this place? I freaked out, turned around and woke up in my bed. Fuck, this was just a dream. Imagination can bring us so far from reality without us even noticing it. Alex was sleeping by my side and I remembered we watched a movie on her room the night before. She was quiet, seemed so peaceful. I relaxed and soon, fell asleep again.



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