Have you heard about Little Monkey?

Hi guys, hope you’re doing well.

Today, I’ll describe you Little Monkey, one of the kid I had to care about during the month I spent in Cambodia. Such a funny and smart personage.

The day we met him, we directly noticed he was a player. We were trying to introduce ourselves the best as we could, but since we didn’t speak a word of Khmer, the easiest was to play with them. At the beginning, I was more nervous about working with mental handicapped children than physical ones. But step by step, I realized it was almost easier to create relationships with them as they can almost perfectly express themselves or at least clearly transmit their emotions.

So I went by Little Monkey side and started to tickle him. His reaction? He fell on the floor and his whole body started to shake. My blood froze on my veins, I didn’t know what to do and yelled for help from the staff. As they didn’t react, I started to get really anxious but then I realized all were smiling and I understood it was a game. When Little Monkey wants you to leave him alone, he imitates an epilepsy crisis. So smart! I thought I had the twisted tricks ever when I was a child, but I couldn’t even compete with him.

Soon, everyone took him under his wings, as he was always smiling, kind to the others but also really mischievous. The kind of children who is always in to play the games you prepared, loves dancing, is really expressive and is able to listen to a whole kid story the mouth opened. I’ve never been closed to children, they intrigue me way too much to feel comfortable by their side. Where does all this imagination come from? Why us, adults, aren’t able to think the way they do: innocently but really clever at the same time?Then, I decided that Little Monkey would be one of the most important source of inspiration I could find there.

He loved stealing my sunglasses and put them on his face. They were way too big for him, but he could keep it for hours, so proud of himself.


What I remember the most of this little one? The way he accepted us. We should copy their inexhaustible faith in anyone. On the first days, he was wary, he observed us a lot, defied us anytime and couldn’t stay calm for more than a minute. And the last day I saw him, he wouldn’t let me go, I can still feel his body shaking on my arms, his eyes imploring us to stay. We were family. I mean, we ARE family. Love has no fear, love has no boarder. It’s universal and Little Monkey is one of the persons I’ll love my whole life. He’ll probably never be able to read this post, dedicated to him, but I wanted the whole world to know how it made me a better person, kinder and more open-minded. And he was only 10 years old.

XOXO bloggers and see you on Saturday!


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