A post about love.

Hi guys, here comes my Wednesday anecdote of my last summer trip to South-Eastern Asia.
On my last post I told you about my experience on a torturing site of the Cambodian war. Today, I’ll focus on my first impressions as a children instructor.

During the first days at the NGO, we could make some wishes about the camp we would like to be affected to. This opportunity to choose was only reserved to the special camps, as teenagers, babies or handicapped children. As these possibilities came up to me, I thought about working with the handicapped children, since it would be an unique experience. I was quite nervous about it because I had never done it before. But I definitely wanted to try, since the NGO didn’t ask for any prerequisites except our motivation. So I got in. The day we were affected to our camp, I remember as my heart was beating way too fast. I finally heard my name affected to the “special camp”, the one with the handicapped children. I felt as relaxed as nervous about being accepted. We planned a reunion with the group I’ll be working with and our coordinator, Angel. We talked about what made us applying for working with this camp, and I noticed that most of the people of my team already had experiences, so I didn’t know whether to feel relieved or even more worried. We decided to directly go to the children. I remember us entering in their dining room. I had suddenly a lump in my throat, to see all these lovely children, unable to walk, to speak, to see or to hear. I had never been confronted to such a situation and this is not easy, since they are always kept quiet on our society. The hardest is not to feel sorry for them, because this is not why we were here for. We were there to take care and love them as our own children.
Rottana. This child is blind and deaf. I seated by his side and wondered how I would be able to communicate with him as he couldn’t see nor hear me. I touched instinctively his hands, to make him understand I was there. And he started to stroke mines, as discovering something new. At this very special moment, he had created a deep connection between us. He was exploring my hands and I could feel he knew I wasn’t from the usual staff. Actually, he seemed curious about me. After a few days taking care of him, I noticed that he loved music. As soon we put the speakers on, he was dancing on his wheel chair. And when he was happy he used to make such a curious noise with his mouth, a noise I learned to love day by day. Why I decided to talk about him today? Because thanks to to this kid, I realized that a handicap is nothing when there is love, trust and patience. Relations are different, I would say even tightest since our usual way of communicating is thrown off balance and it makes you unconsciously giving the best of your person. So what I wanted to share today is a love and hope message: love is universal, love has no fear and no limit. We should love people around us for what they are inside, not their appearance or attitude. And if you love, you’ll be loved back.



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