Wednesday anecdote  

Hey guys,

as promised, today I give you an anecdote of my trip in South-Eastern Asia. Won’t make you wait any more.

Third day in Lao. We drove to Luang Prabang, still on the North way. We got to one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever seen. We were tired and starving, so after booking rooms in a warm guesthouse, we went by the Mekong path and had lunch. Such a fun one. We couldn’t understand each other with the owners, so we tried almost everything to finally make it.
A few hours later. Walking on the streets there means listening to a continuous melody floating over the town. It came from a mix between the Buddhist prayers and the nature silence. Amazing. Breath taking. And did you know that the Buddhists must ask for food charity every day? Each morning, at 4:30, they walk the streets to find the meals of their day.

Anyway, we decided to go trekking in a two-day trip. We had one sleep-over one night on a small village in the mountains. The mousson stayed a myth till this day. We were stopping to get a snack, watched the sky and noticed that it was incredibly dark. And it was coming really fast. Less than 5 minutes later, it was raining like I had never seen before. I can even explain the feeling, I didn’t even try to hide, it would be absolutely ridiculous. I just listened and observed what was going on around me. The nature was quiet, just the noise of the rain, amplified by its power. It was suddenly really dark and the floor was slippery. I loooooved it. Feeling again like a child seeing for the first time the sea. Soon, my shoes were not anymore, they became sponges, but I didn’t really care.

When we got to the village we would stay in for the night, we rested a while and visited around. It was gorgeous. Nothing around but this place, the mountains and us. Such a feeling ! The next day, our guide, who was actually lovely, took us to some falls close to his village. Gosh, how can a country be that amazing ? It has its bundle of surprises. It was people free, again just us and the nature. How appreciable it is. I loved being with these six French girls, they have been such a great company during this week and even more after this adventure that was our trek.
What do I remember the most of these two days ? I couldn’t say, but these HUGE millipedes we saw there, come now to my mind. That was absolutely disgusting ahahah. Let me show you :

XOXO see you on Saturday !


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