Living a life dream

Hi bloggers,

I wasn’t so active on the last past weeks, but today, I found the inspiration to write about a new theme : living my life dream.

thumb_IMG_3485_1024Happiness isn’t on the other side, it’s on our own path.
(photo taken in Geneva, Switzerland)

It started when I decided to take part in the Erasmus adventure, in past September. I didn’t know what to expect, except that I was going to live an awesome experience here, in Madrid. But I wasn’t imagining it was going to help me that much to find the person I really am.
Let me explain : as you may know, to travel opens the mind, helps to understand the world we live in, enables to discover new cultures, landscapes… and certainly fulfill your dreams.
But when you travel, you are also much more confronted to yourself, since everything is new and on the beginning, you often don’t know anyone around you. I’ve always loved being alone, to take time to think what I really want and need, but I also love, of course, being surrounded by inspiring and different people. So when I got here, I decided to find a way to meet the persons I wanted to share my experience with. I spent the first weeks exploring the town and I felt absolutely amazed about what I discovered there. Even if we are neighbor countries, Spain and France are absolutely different and Madrid is so cosmopolitan that I soon realized I’ll find for sure what I was looking for. But then, the question of “what am I really looking for” came to me and so I thought a lot about it. I came to the conclusion that I wanted to know who I am. Such a hard question, since we change day by day and our desires, needs and expectations get more precise or become totally outdated. People often knows what they don’t want to be but it becomes harder when we have to define what we really expect from life.  And I think there is no true definition, because it can change and even if it’s not always easy to accept, this is this only way to be happy in life. Thus, today I know that I want to see the world, develop step by step my passion for Earth by learning everything I can about it.


There’s only a few steps to know who we are ♥

My best friend told me this week-end  that she has been trying an amazing exercise on the last weeks: do exactly the contrary you want to. I directly decided to try it because I found the concept absolutely awesome. Indeed, it enables to quit our comfort zone and experience surprising stuffs. So for example, when I want to go home, I go outside. When I’d like to eat something (I’m not referring to when I’m hungry, but when I want to eat), I have drink instead. This is such a funny exercise you could easily do and which helps to keep in mind we can adapt ourselves and find happiness anywhere. I also remember my dancing teacher used to tell me while stretching (and kind of suffering ahah) “find the comfortable in every pain, learn how to overcome it”. Today, it makes so much sense to me! I am so happy with everything I have or I live and learn day by day that I find more inspiration and ambition in the person I am. I often put by written what I want to be and to do on a short and long term, which helps me a lot to clarify my ideas.


Personally,  my next objective is to find an internship in Madrid, because it would be to me, the final step to entirely understand Spain, or at least, have the largest vision of the country as possible. If you have any ideas, I would of course be so pleased to hear it !

XOXO bloggers and be happy !


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