What photography brought to me.

Hi bloggers,

my post today is about a new hobby I have, thanks to classes I got this year on my Erasmus journey. I always loved photography since it can transmit a lot without words but I’ve never really tried to be behind the camera before a few months ago. Photography is nowadays everywhere and so when I got my first class, I had a lot of expectations as I hoped to discover my own artistic style. Make great shots not only means to find a lovely setting but also to be able to express feelings, impressions, personalities… through photos. With my own projects, I tried to find a unique way to express myself, how I perceive things around me and appreciate the world I live in.
I firstly tried to capture places I love, expressing how much they inspire me and mean to me. Here are some of my first shots, which are all taken in Madrid (and are not edited) :

Through these photos, I guess I wanted to show how Madrid was and still is a wonderful surprise to me. When I first came here, I had my idea about it, as I used to have about big cities in general. I discovered here a human town who never sleeps, with an artist spirit, who loves to express itself at any moment. Madrid is dynamic, you can’t never be bored here, as there is always more to explore. Streets are colorful, people is welcoming, buildings full of history. To travel alone is such a big step but it also means to me an essential path to discover yourself while experiencing and discovering the world. Before coming here, I was scared of being away from my friends and family and today, I’m afraid of coming back home, leaving behind me amazing people, places and memories. So with these photos, what I wanted to express is that you can feel home in the whole world. You can fall in love with any place if you take the chance to see the best in it. You can feel inspired if you get to know people and places, with different history and habits. You can learn who you really are and what you really want by exploring new perspectives and trust the world we live in.

For my second project, I had the chance to work for a cloth and lifestyle brand headed by some friends I met here in Spain (YYSY, official website : http://www.yysy-yysy.com/yysy-channel/ / Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/yysyofficial/).
I experienced then a new photographic gender : portraits, but also the challenge to work for someone else, representing unique values and principles. My model is my flatmate and one of the best persons I’ve met here. Sara is an inspiring, strong-value person. Always late, she taught me how much time is precious when you are with the persons you love and nothing else really matter. She takes life easy, as it is coming and has a lot of ambition. A gorgeous 20 year-old woman, always humble and asking for advice. Curious about everything and always doubting about her decisions, she loves life and spends the main of her free time doing things she loves. Creative, original and perfectionist, she always gets people attention without even realizing it. She knows how to trust people, to make them believe that our dreams can come true. She made me love the Spanish culture, got me into many adventures and presented me to her friends as if we always knew each other. Sara brings me strength, self-confidence and thanks to her, I realized that the notion of distance means nothing when you have a friend like she is. Here are some of my shots :

Hope you liked it, you can see more on my IG account : Solène Lst.
XOXO bloggers & be happy !


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