Music addict !

Hi bloggers,

today my post will deal with my main passion in life : MUSIC.

Since always, I’ve believed in music as a huge positive vibes creator, which inspires me in my every day life, but also motivates me to get up on the morning and sleep at night. Benefits of music are more and more appreciated and recognized in our society, from putting Jazz music on metro stations, to Classic music on certain jails to help people relax, besides many others examples.

In my case, music accompanies me everywhere, from when I get up, with radios I love (Jazz radio or, to my way to the university, or when I study , but also on my way to gym… I spend the most of my free time looking for some new artists and I feel every day a bit more surprised of what music can bring into my life. Haven’t you ever felt goosebumps while listening to music? Or a suddenly happiness or nostalgia feeling? If yes, you may then be interested about what is coming next.

I’m used to playing the guitar and singing for my closest friends, but to me, the best part stays to listen to the others. As said in my “How being positive could change your life” post, listening is an art to me, it’s harder than we think and one exercise I love doing while listening music, is to try to distinguish as instruments and voices as I can. It makes me live the music in a really different way , but also the messages the artists try to share with us. Besides, I had the chance to participate in various concerts and festivals, which taught me that music is not only an art, but also an unique and positive vision of life. Indeed, people who loves music is indirectly connected to the others, since we share the passion of listening, and certainly the way it makes us feel. I guess there are not enough words to express it concretely, but yes, music makes me feel happy and helps me put things into perspective when I need to. It also helps me concentrate myself when I study, as I feel relaxed and in an open-mindedness state.

Moreover, it helps me improving my creativity. Indeed, I try to express how I feel while listening to a song, by drawing or also writing. This one article came from the inspiration I got while I was listening to rock music, which I usually don’t. Actually, I hadn’t listen to rock music for a while and forgot how it makes me want to dance! So, it brought me to the point I wanted to share with you today, that music is full of energy, feelings and messages which can for sure,  inspire us a day or another. The following digital drawing has also been inspired from various of my favorite reggae artists:

Capture d’écran 2016-04-23 à 20.36.25

Of course, I didn’t do it in a few minutes and no, I’m not always so productive. I shared this one with you because it means to me that even with no skill in digital art, inspiration can leads you to beautiful or at least, unusual things. That’s also why, when I feel like inspired, I let my mind go and invite you to try so.

Once that I was on a concert of an Australian band I love (The Cat Empire), I felt submerged by the emotion since I’d always wanted to see them. I remember having a look around me and so many were closing their eyes or singing as if no one was here. I noticed at this very special moment that music brings people together, enables to strengthen relationships, and share a wonderful moment with people you don’t even know. It also releases some from timidity, because yes, I’ve already seen many people on the metro or on the street singing their favorite song at the top of their voice, and even if in this case they don’t always sing so well, at least they make me smile because I know how they feel.
So today, I won’t sing for you but share my Spotify playlists, hoping that you could find songs you like. Here is the link : or you can find me under the name “Solène Lst”. Hope you’ll like it !

XOXO bloggers and be happy !



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