Vegetarian menu ideas

Hi bloggers,

as said on my first blog post (How to be a vegetarian and be proud of it), I chose to become vegetarian a few months ago, since I am an animal lover and I feel concerned about their treatment. Anyway, even if you aren’t vegetarian, this post may inspire you for some lovely, healthy and easy recipes! More than being just a vegetarian, I want to consume local and seasonal products, in reasonable quantities and on an healthy way. I get my ideas from many different recipes websites, but also from books and friends or family. I just add a personal touch, as I also advise you to do !
Here are various menu ideas, if you want the recipes, don’t hesitate to comment !

thumb_IMG_0505_1024  thumb_IMG_1753_1024
Spring salad – Pepperoni toasts – Forester pennes – Ratatouille

thumb_IMG_1762_1024 thumb_IMG_0490_1024
Dhal – Cucumber salad

thumb_IMG_1642_1024 thumb_IMG_1833_1024
Seasonal salty-sugary salad – Lost bread balls with its seasonal salad

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