How being positive could change your life

Hi bloggers,

Today I’m writing about the exact essence of the existence of my blog : positiveness, which is quite a difficult theme, as it is really personal. Being happy is an abstract concept, which is often perceived as unattainable, since we are confronted to society and our own pressure, linked with our goals in life. However, I realized a few years ago that being happy could be easily reached if I decided to be positive. Be positive about what I was living in my every day life, but also about future. Nowadays, if you listen to most of the adults, politicians and society in general, you will understand that we live in a globalized-informatized society, that people rather spend time with their smartphone than with friends or family, and that the future we will be confronted to, is not a gift. This is a point of view. Of course, there is some truth inside of these thoughts, but I realized, while talking with my family, that they had been confronted to this same fear of future when they were younger. Society changes and we, youth, but also adults, only adapt ourselves. Change has always been a reason of fear and will always be. So, we could decide either to live on fear our whole life, or decide to accept changes, take advantage of what they can bring to us and learn how to appreciate easy things in life.

To be happy, I first started asking myself what could make me being this way. I remember myself taking a sheet of paper, deciding to write down all I could do to be the person I always wanted to be. At the beginning, I got scared as I found the exercise really complicated. I had no idea, but decided not to give up. And about 15 minutes later, many ideas came to my mind. At the end of this exercise, I didn’t have enough space to write all down ! However, I only wrote what I wanted the most and then thought how I could realize it. Nowadays, instead of being in the doldrums when I get bored, I try to apply my wishes. And this, makes me really happy, because I develop day by day, creativity, self-confidence, and I never get bored with myself anymore.

Of course, all our wishes can’t be always reached but at least we try. Try makes us learn about ourselves and our entourage, and makes us able to remodel our wishes. Indeed, they change with time, maturity, the place we live in, the persons we met… Nowadays, I don’t talk anymore about failure, but about things that I could improve. This is a small difference, but it is the point. How to turn everything that we used to see as negative in our life, into positive ones. Know what we really want and need is quite hard, but it’s nothing when you know all the benefits it will bring to your life.
Indeed, first, knowing you better enables you to respect your body needs and to be in harmony with your ideas. To  me, it also meant learning how to say no, since I was afraid of hurting by a negative answer. But always saying yes also means to reject your ideal and is harmful to your self-confidence and knowledge of yourself. In my case, the biggest change in my person that I am proud of, is becoming a vegetarian. I used to think that this was too hard, that I will suffer from lack of proteins, and my family wouldn’t understand. But I renounced to animal meat, I’m totally in fine fettle and even if some of my family members don’t understand my decision, they accept it because this is who I am.
Then, once you understand better who you are, you may only be able to understand better the others, or at least listen to them and advice them on a wiser way. The others are an endless source of inspiration to me, because I realize how much they can bring to the person I am. I remember once, I read an article about listening to the others, and it was told that we are used to prepare our answer before even listening to the entire message. This is absolutely true and I would say normal, as our brain wants to link what we hear to something we know. However, please try once to listen a whole message and you will see your perception changed. This little exercise also enabled me to know better my entourage, as I really learned how to listen to them. Since then, I am much more positive in my relationships, because I learn every day how to respect my entourage’s needs and wants and together, we build relationships based on confidence and share.

Well, I could talk hours about the subject, but what I just told you is my main idea of how to be easily happy. Be positive, share, dare and trust. Of course, please keep in mind that this is a personal opinion and I don’t own the truth.

XOXO bloggers and be happy !


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